Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Projects

I got a little caught up with some things that were needing to get done so I had the pleasure of starting some new projects.  Doing one project at a time doesn't seem to be the way I roll so of course I had five different things going at the same time today.  

4 of the 5 projects I worked on today

I started the quilt using the ruler I picked up at In Between Stitches during our vacation in CA.  It is the block on the far right.  I am also making a pineapple quilt which is at the top.  I was chaining both of them and just plain got tired of watching the fabric go under the foot so I took a break and read my latest copy of  "The Quilt Life" and then cut out a purse for my niece Melody.  Had enough fabric left over to make a matching pillow case.  That was enough procrastinating so back to chaining and managed to get a big chunk of both quilts pieced.

Tomorrow is a work day at the Ann Arbor Sewing Center.  I am looking forward to that and after work dinner with some friends from the University.

I pray all of you are having a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends.


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