Wednesday, January 31, 2018


This year I am going to work on quilting more of my own quilts.  A little scary for me.  I started with straight line quilting.  I do not have fancy rulers to help me but I found my Quilters Select ruler with its magical grip to work quite well.  I know that most free form quilters prefer rulers they can easily move around as they work but the grip helped me so much with keeping my lines straighter.  This one is done-not great but not bad for a larger quilt and first time attempt.

Do you have anything special you are going to be working on this year?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Going Green

This is the leftover pile of scraps from a paper pieced sampler I made.  As I looked at it I'm thinking there is a another quilt laying here and my conscience wouldn't let me throw it away.  I will admit I don't have the quilt(s) completed yet but they are well on their way.
I started randomly sewing the lopsided triangles together to create strips of new fabric.  I had enough to make 4 strips approximately 70 inches long.  I trimmed them down to 5 inches because that is what I could get out of the strips.  Those leftovers I did throw away.  I'm not totally crazy. :).  Now what to do with them.  

As you will see in the picture I auditioned them with a print and tiny black inner border and I liked that but I also liked the solid magentas one as well.  Either would make a lovely strip quilt or I could cut 5 inch squares for a fun four or nine patch quilt.  I decided to go with the strips.  I used 3 of the 4 strips for this quilt along with the magenta fabric with the print as a border.  I haven't finished yet but that is what I plan to do.

With the fourth strip I located this unused panel and decided I would cut my strip into smaller strips and use it as an inner border or accent for this panel.  I'm sure I will have some little strips left over.  What could I do with them?  

Please share your thoughts and possible ideas that you could do with a large pile of leftover scraps from a quilt.  I would love to know how you might use them.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It's All New!

It shouldn't but it always amazes me how fast time goes by.  Since September I have been to Virginia Beach and experienced the Art and Soul retreat, hosted my fall quilt retreat in Michigan, had family for Thanksgiving, finished unpacking and moving into our rental in CA and took a trip to Northern California for Christmas.  In Between those things planning for the upcoming spring retreats (3) has been underway and I've taught some classes.  It was a good finish to 2017.

The last few years I have been following the trend of choosing a word that will guide me through the year instead of creating resolutions.  My 2018 word is "Growth".  It is time for me to grow in new directions artistically, personally and spiritually.  I'm intrigued by how this year of growth will go.

My next post will be pictures and ideas for that large pile of scraps I shared on Instagram.(3cherriesontop)

May you and the ones you love be Blessed.


"Challenge your heart to sync with the heartbeat of heaven"