Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where did the week go?

What a busy week this has been.  The kids did a beautiful job on their camp quilts.  Below you will see a couple examples.  They finished them completely with the quilting and binding done.  

I finished with the kids and started a beginning adult class.  Yes, there is contrast with the two age groups.  Kids jump in with little or no fear and adults are more cautious and afraid of mistakes.  When do we start to let those fears creep in to our lives?  I try to remind my students to relax, remember to breathe and enjoy the process of learning.  Quilting has been a time of relaxation and renewal from the stresses of life for me and I'd like my students to experience that same calming effect in their lives.

Spending time catching up with an old friend was so delightful this week.  Amazed at the places and journeys life has taken her.  Learned a lot about parts of Africa and its people and saw some amazing fabric from there as well.   The car had to go in for some repairs - ugh!  I was able to complete a couple of quilt tops and two nights of open sewing with co-workers and friends topped off my week.

Tomorrow I will put up the scrappy trip around the world tutorial that I shared on my retreat last month so watch for that.

Enjoy these waning days of summer and find times to celebrate each day with family and friends.


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  1. Yay to the new quilters! Sounds like a wonderful week -- minus the car part :-/ Can't wait to finish the scrappy around the world quilt you demonstrated at the San Juan Bautista Retreat!
    Have a wonderful week!