Monday, August 5, 2013

Kid's Quilting!

Today started the week of kid's camp at a local quilt shop.  I am very excited about the week.  The girls are lovely and have such delightful personalities.  As always, the instructor needs to lay down a good foundation to get started.

Nine years of age is the youngest I like to work with and even then their attention span doesn't last a long time.  If you have a child in your life you want to get started on this journey called quilting here are a few tips to remember as you get started.

1.  Kids are capable of a lot more than we as adults think they are.
2.  Do your best to let the child do their own work even if it has mistakes.  That is the only way they really learn the techniques and they take such pride in their accomplishments.
3.  As you get started - thoroughly acquaint them with all the tools and how they are used.  Pay special attention to using the rotary cutter safely.  I like to have them wear "klutz gloves" when they are cutting.
4.  Use the proper words for the techniques and tools.  If you need to explain what the words mean it only helps them learn and grow in this sport.
5.  Practice cutting and piecing on scraps before you work with the good fabric.
6.  Have fun and be an encourager.  The quilt may not be perfect when complete but it will be theirs.

I'll share some pictures at the end of the week.

I am finishing up the T-shirt quilt finally.  It is a long way around that quilt to bind it.

My big news this week is that my son, Brett, proposed to his girlfriend and she said "yes".  We are very excited about this upcoming wedding and can't wait for the plans for it to get underway.  The bride to be is an event planner and has great style so it should be an absolutely gorgeous wedding.

May every day give you something to celebrate!


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