Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Speeding and/or Speed Sewing

There is a bill being put before the state to increase the speed limit to 80 mph.  It is also known that freeways deaths are most often caused by speed.  The very interesting thing about this is the group of people who are wanting this law passed.  The group would be the highway patrol because this would lower the number of speeding tickets they would have to issue.  I will let you come to your own conclusion on that one.

A question was asked in one of my classes recently about speed quilting and a discussion ensued about what speed quilting was.  Some thought that it was piecing without pins and going as fast as you could to get done, others had no idea and then there were the experienced piecers who knew what speed sewing was all about.  There is that type of sewing where you just want to get things done and you do not take the care needed to cut, pin and press appropriately.  Most of the time that kind of sewing doesn't get us the results we hope for.

For me. I read the pattern completely through so that I understand how to put it together and then assess if there are some ways I can take some shortcuts to make the task go quicker.  Can I chain piece any sections of the blocks?  Will it help me to cut everything first?  Should I make a sample block first to know how the block goes together?  Once I've made those decisions I can get down to work and chain piece saving myself time and thread.  So, I'm not really speeding but I am moving the process along quicker and more efficiently or what some would call speed sewing.

I've been teaching quite a bit lately and working in the community gardens so the sewing has taken a back seat this week.  I am working on a pineapple quilt and am over 2/3 done with it.  (See the picture above of my chain piecing?.  Tomorrow I will start another store sample.    I'll post some pictures soon.

"In this crazy quilt of life
I'm glad each of you are in my block of friends."


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