Thursday, May 2, 2013

Off to the Seminar!

Do you take the opportunities to go to quilt shows and classes when you can?  I find so much inspiration from seeing what others are doing.  Today was a special one for me.  I had the opportunity to attend the first night of the Ricky Tim's Seminar being held here in MI and visit with my friend Alex Anderson.  She gave me some great advice on a new quilt design and we shared a laugh or two.  I was also inspired by their quilts and the new techniques and quilt "toys" they had to share.    I also learned that Libby Lehmann who does the seminars with Ricky and Alex had a brain aneurysm.  She came through the surgery and is doing as well as can be.  Please keep her in your prayers.

I encourage you to attend the shows and seminars when you can for the inspiration and sheer beauty of the work being done by fellow quilters.

See the beauty all around you,


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