Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Old with the New

Woke up to lightning, thunder and heavy rain.  What a lovely change from the "wintry mix" .  Rainy days usually inspire me to sew and get things done. Not today, I was using my seam ripper more than my machine and couldn't make the math work.  So on to something else-   I started choosing fabrics for a new project.  It's great that I am using up stash but who doesn't like to buy some new fabric?That is why I decided to use some fabric from my stash and buy some new to give my project a fresh feel.  So I started with a theme or feel I wanted. I decided on a vintage pattern and figured out how to give it a new look.  Then I picked my color scheme based partially on what I found in my stash and  then added some fun from the local quilt shop.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be more inspired to work.  In the meantime reading is a delightful rainy day activity.