Monday, April 1, 2013

I am a flitter...

When working on a project I usually like to have at least two in process so that I can go back and forth between them as I create.  It's hard for me to stay focused on only one project at a time and generally I am dreaming or planning for my next creation while working on the one I am doing.

Today was definitely one of those days.  I had to get a quilt completed to mail tomorrow and I had made a few mistakes and wanted to flit to something else but had to force myself to keep working.  I am happy to say the quilt is completed and I have cleaned up the studio and put everything away from the project, vacuumed the floor, wound my bobbins, cleaned my machine and changed the needle for the next project.  Do you flit from project to project or do you focus on one at a time?  How do you manage to keep your focus?

Have you been sewing and made a mistake and wanted to erase what you have done instead of picking it out?  Well now you can-check out the new stitch eraser app that Alex Anderson demonstrated on her Website, or at this address:  This is amazing!!!!!!!!!

Spring is teasing us here in MI.  We had a beautiful 50 degree weather Easter Sunday and today it is cold, windy and snow.  I hope that your day is filled with sunshine, love and laughter.



  1. My girls have quoted Alex's video all day. They just thought it was hilarious. :-)

  2. How do you encourage yourself complete a project you are no longer very interested in completing? Maybe there is there a home to send these UFO's off to so someone will love them and finish them?

  3. She's a stinker that Alex and you too, Miss Dee, for perpetuating the prank :-D