Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sew-a-Long Block #3

This block is called Road to Home:  The materials you will need are 2 strips - one dark and one med. light that are 2 1/2" by approximately15", Four 2 1/2" squares that are med. dark, Two squares 2 7/8" that are med. and Two squares 2 7/8" that are light.

Draw sewing and cutting lines on the back of the Two light 2 7/8" squares.  Sew right sides together and cut apart to get 4 half square triangles.  Be sure to snip the bunny ears.

Next, you will sew the two strips together and subcut them into 2 1/2" units.  You will need four of them.  Sew together to make four patches.

Next, you will sew the half-square triangles and the squares together to form four patches as well.  Be sure to press seams in opposite directions so that your seams will butt up against one another.  Sew the blocks together according to the picture below.
Enjoy!  Remember to send pictures of your finished blocks.  Would love to see and share them.


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