Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Prep Work

When it is time to quilt I want to sit down and get right to work.  The cutting, the reading, the measuring, the ironing, etc. is not generally my favorite parts of the process, the sewing is.  Are you a bit like that too?  Time and again I have regretted jumping in without doing all of my "prepping".  Therefore, reluctantly I am encouraging you to take the time to do some prep work of your own before jumping in.  Here are some of the things that I find helpful when considering a new project:

1.  After deciding on what it is you want to make and for whom or what, read the entire pattern instructions or sketch out your own pattern.

2.  Look carefully at the blocks in your pattern to see what you want to emphasize and that will help you determine your lights and darks and how many of each you will need.

3.  Choose a color scheme.  Once you have determined that, head to your stash to see if there is a theme fabric you want to use for your palette.  If it is there, do the happy dance, and then see what coordinating fabrics you already have.  Now it is time to go shopping for the rest.

4.  Figure out what amounts you still need and the values you need before heading to the quilt shop.  Buy what you need and of course do a little stash adding if you must.  There is always a fabric that calls out to me from the shelves.

5.  Once home, wash and iron your fabrics if that is what you do.  Check over all the cutting instructions a second time and then go to work on the cutting part.  I always cut for only one block first and give the block a test run by sewing it to make sure the pattern is correct and I like what I have chosen.  If all that is good I get down to business and do some chain stitching and what I like to do best- sew and watch the quilt appear under my hands.

Here is the start of my prep work for a log cabin variation quilt.  It looks like I could use a few more darks to make it really pop.  I'm ready to cut and get this quilt underway.  I get so excited over new projects.

May your days be glorious and filled with joy!


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