Thursday, March 21, 2013

Highways and Buyways!

Today was lovely.  Invited by two very special women from quilting club to join them on the OH-MI shop hop made this a great day!  Starting early and traveling through parts of Ohio and back through Michigan shopping, eating and laughing was definitely the way to spend a day.  This was my first official shop hop.  I am usually working them.  If you have never gone I would highly recommend it.
Here are a few hints for making the day even more enjoyable:
Bring bottled water and/or other drinks along for the ride.
Pack chocolate!
Carry an easily accessible bag for your passport and to drop all of your goodies in.
Have a supply of address labels for all the forms you need to fill out.
Comfortable shoes.
Have an adventuress spirit and laugh a lot!!

I was able to find fabrics I needed for my upcoming projects and will be busy cutting them up tomorrow.

It's good to take those mental health day breaks once in a while.  It does the body and spirit good.  I believe it also refreshes us and gives us a better perspective and new energy to accomplish all the tasks we have to complete.  May you have days spent with good friends, lots of laughter and adventure and a family that loves you to come home to.


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