Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Walk Down Memory Lane

This past weekend I took a memory trip to my past.  The president of my High School Alumni Association called me about our reunion coming up in August.  I won't even begin to tell you which number reunion it is-ghastly is all I can say. :)  We talked for awhile and I caught up with all the news on everyone.  How fun to chat with her.

The same evening Steve was the speaker at a school reunion celebrating the school's anniversary serving children and families since 1849.  I reunited with my college roommate's brother there and a dear friend from college days.  What a fabulous, unexpected surprise on both counts.  It certainly made the evening delightful.

Yesterday I had the joy of sharing my antique quilts with a friend.  We discussed the fabrics and the women who created them, one being my mother, another Steve's grandmother and a woman I never met but bought the quilts from her son and heard his stories and love for his mother.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

There are so many ways to share friendships and life through quilting connections.  I am always amazed.  I have so many wonderful friends and memories that wouldn't be if I hadn't taken up quilting.  Know each of you are thought of often and lovingly remembered.


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