Monday, February 3, 2014

They're Arriving!

Getting the first seed catalog in the mail this week took me directly back to childhood.  The Burpee seed catalog and Jackson Perkins Rose catalog both came this week and brought a lot of daydreaming and joy to this old girl.  When I was young and the catalogs would start arriving I would take a pencil or crayon and circle all my favorite flowers.  I vaguely remember showing them to my mom in hopes she would order them all.  She did order seeds but certainly not all the flowers I had circled.  When the seeds arrived in the mail there were far more vegetables than I ever circled.  My mom however did plant zinnia rows along our garden each summer and I did love those cheery flowers.  I'm not sure I can say that they made the hoeing or pulling weeds during the summer months any easier but they were a joy to look upon.

This week as the snow continues to pile up and smash all kinds of records for Michigan snowfall and cold temperatures I certainly enjoyed looking at the beautiful flowers and roses and dreamt of past gardens and hopefully future ones to come.

There are far too many busy days ahead to daydream for too long.  Three new beginning classes coming up, a class at a local guild this week and another guild later this spring, hand applique and several classes based on my patterns.  Throw in preparing for a retreat at the end of February and I realize I better get busy and stop all this daydreaming.

May you enjoy days of sunshine and warmth if that is your preference, or days of rain or snow if that is where your joy lies.


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  1. Thanks Dee....Great memories. I remember my mom planting bachelor buttons with the zinnias :)