Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Learning Curves!

Recently many new things have come into my life that have presented learning opportunities for me.  I've noticed the older I get the harder it is to eagerly jump into learning new things.  Not sure why that is because I would normally consider myself to be an open to new ideas kind of gal.

The most recent "new" in my life is a new desktop computer.  Our son gave us a gift certificate at Christmas towards buying one.  We have had our last one well over 10 years and it was no longer supporting the new systems upgrades, etc.  It will be off to the Apple Store for classes for awhile so that I can know how to use this wonderful tool.  The new touchpad instead of a mouse is pretty awesome.

In my quilt world I am trying to embrace the modern quilting and what that exactly means.  For a traditionalist like me it is challenging.  Hopefully soon you will see some results of my labors.

I encourage you to learn something new or at least try something new.  It is a renewing process and keeps your mind alert so the experts say.

May this Valentine's Week be filled with love and friends.


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