Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It's All New!

It shouldn't but it always amazes me how fast time goes by.  Since September I have been to Virginia Beach and experienced the Art and Soul retreat, hosted my fall quilt retreat in Michigan, had family for Thanksgiving, finished unpacking and moving into our rental in CA and took a trip to Northern California for Christmas.  In Between those things planning for the upcoming spring retreats (3) has been underway and I've taught some classes.  It was a good finish to 2017.

The last few years I have been following the trend of choosing a word that will guide me through the year instead of creating resolutions.  My 2018 word is "Growth".  It is time for me to grow in new directions artistically, personally and spiritually.  I'm intrigued by how this year of growth will go.

My next post will be pictures and ideas for that large pile of scraps I shared on Instagram.(3cherriesontop)

May you and the ones you love be Blessed.


"Challenge your heart to sync with the heartbeat of heaven"

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