Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Trends come and go and a few stick around for the long haul.  Lately, in my life, I have noticed a trend or a desire to learn the different methods of appliqué.  What I have found interesting is that requests are so diverse.  Quilters want to appliqué for children, try out wool appliqué, make quick felt decor for the home, reverse appliqué for art quilting, etc....  I thought I would outline briefly the six methods of appliqué I am aware of and use periodically in my work.

Raw Edge - I find this best for small projects but can certainly work for any project.  It is sewing without turning or finishing the edges after fusing the motifs to your project.

Fused - This is a form of raw edge with machine top stitching using a decorative or blanket stitch.

Reverse - A type of layering fabrics, stitching on top and then cutting away sections to reveal fabric below.

Machine - Satin stitch or blanket stitch over raw edges.

Felt - A clean edge stitched on by hand or by machine.

Hand - Using needle and thread and a blind stitch to attach turned under motifs.

Applique quilts are such a beautiful works of art.  May you be inspired to tackle one in the near future.

Here is a file from Laura Wasilowski on fusing tips that you may find helpful.


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